Vauxhall Park

Quick update – Vauxhall Park in Salzburg in December 2010!

Keeping in the tradition of naming things after places where I’ve worked on them, here’s my latest project. I actually made this a while ago, but it’s taken me so long to finish another project that I’ve only just written it up.

You can find the link to Vauxhall Park here.

Update: I used 4mm needles for the brim, but I’d really recommend using a smaller size. If in doubt, try on just the brim before you start the main body of the pattern.

It’s perfect to start in the middle of September – if the climate’s like London, it’ll be ready for when the cold really starts to bite.

Ps. The scarf I’m wearing in the photo on the left is a future project inspired by the gorgeous and hugely expensive scarves in the shops at the moment. It’s 4ft and counting. (I hid the knitting needles behind my head to take the photo.)


2 Comments to “Vauxhall Park”

  1. This is such a nice hat!! I love your designs!

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