Ways to freak out your boyfriend

Number 1: Knit baby booties, forget to mention they’re for a friend at work.

The pattern is Tiny Shoes by Ysolda Teague, someone I live slightly in awe of. True to form I made some unintended modifications – missed a few bits of the pattern here or there- but I think they came out well. Project details on ravelry here.

Anyway, I think boyfriend deserved a bit of freaking out. Maybe it’s revenge for him calling my Evergreen names. In other news, it’s grown by a few feet and now everyone mistakes it for giant underpants instead of a thong.

Philistines. I live with Philistines.

ps. I’ve lost a stitch on the right hand side of this photo but it’s OK, I fixed it. Panic over.


One Comment to “Ways to freak out your boyfriend”

  1. those tiny shoes make me want a tiny child to put them on. the little apple buttons definitely complete them. so adorable.

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