In february of this year, I went ski-ing for the first time. I’m not the wealthiest of people, so I went wearing my boyfriend’s dad’s ski gear, six of us stayed in a room the size of a playing card and I didn’t get ski lessons.

On my first day on the slopes, before I’d learned how to stop, steer or even fall without landing on my face, my friends decided the thing I needed to do to learn to ski was to go down a blue (moderately challenging) run on my own. The run was called Hermine.

This was, without a doubt, the worst experience of my life. After walking most of the way down and taking a few pretty nasty tumbles, I vowed never to ski again and forced my boyfriend to take me to a cafe to calm down. Here I am being cheered up by a really cute dog in that cafe (seriously, what is that dog? It’s adorable), and here are my friends without me having a great time while I was back in the lodge knitting some stripy mittens.

I christened the mittens ‘Hermine’ after the infamous run in Val Thorens that destroyed my desire to ski for at least a day. (Eventually my kindly boyfriend taught me the basics of steering and stopping and I managed to conquer Hermine by the final day!)

Anyway, These cute little mittens sat in my knitting basket until yesterday when I realised I was 80% of the way through and had far too many works in progress. A flurry of stockinette stitching, sewing in ends, writing up the pattern and bribing boyfriend to take photos by promising coffee ensued.

I was pretty new to knitting when I made them so I’m sure there are loads of ways they could be improved, particularly the wrist shaping, but I think they’re just about cute enough to share with the world. Hope you enjoy!

The pattern for Hermine can be found here.


4 Responses to “Hermine”

  1. Thanks for this pattern – I love these!

    And yeah, that is one cute dog …

  2. Thank you! Any idea what kind of dog it is? I’m seriously thinking of getting one if I can figure it out.


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