I’m so glad I have a phone with a half-decent camera on it these days.

Top left; the first cold weather we had in London caused a bit of an odd phenomenon. The river was still warm-ish, but the air was cold. The result was a thin ribbon of fog about 200m high threading through London. This is the view from Vauxhall Bridge as I walked to work – the light was reflecting off a glass-fronted building, but the building itself was obscured by the fog. It looked like a light in the sky.

Top right; a japanese Maple tree in Vauxhall Park. The leaves fell off a few days ago, which made me sad.

Bottom left; my friend Gemma trying to skip towards me on a travelator at Waterloo tube station. I may have been drinking, hence the shaky camerawork.

Bottom right; Ai Weiwei’s sunflower seeds at the Tate Modern. We actually went to see the Gaugin exhibition, which was good, but couldn’t resist having a look at the Sunflower seeds. Every single one was hand-made. I desperately wanted to steal one, but I didn’t.


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