Party season

I have a lot of WIPs and no photos to share.

The reasons for this are two-fold. Reason one is that I have had a series of very bad hangovers which are making me feel like I’m old before my time. It’s Christmas Party season and the birthdays of a few people and some old friends have got back in touch and the next thing I know I’m curled up in bed at 3pm on a Sunday and vowing never to drink again. And by the time I get up, the natural daylight is gone and it’s not worth even trying to get a decent shot.

When I’m not hungover, I’m working on some christmas projects I can’t post here in case the recipients see them. And I’m swatching a lot because I’ve got a lot of ideas I want to see realised but not enough time to knit them in.

On the plus side, I’m going to Salzburg a week on Monday for a mini-break, and then I have a two-week Christmas Holiday (thanks, work!) in which to complete a million and one WIPs.

In place of pretty pictures of knitting, I’ve stuck a photo of our Christmas tree. We’ve got a real tree this year, ordered from a charitable foundation who sell them to make a bit of cash for a good cause. Only thing is, boyfriend-who-ordered-the-tree didn’t realise that it was just going to be a tree – just literally a chopped down tree, bare stump, nothing else – so on Friday, he went half way across London to Whitechapel to retreive the only tree stand left in the whole city (well, in an Argos in London). And when the tree arrived, it didn’t fit.

We had an old university friend round at the time which meant we had the combined intellects of three Oxford Graduates (my boyfriend, my housemate and the friend who was crashing on our floor) trying to put up a tree. You can’t see it in this photo, but the tree is inside a plastic wastepaper basket, which is inside a terracotta planter from outside, which is inside a wooden side table/box thing we have in our living room. And it’s still tilting.


One Comment to “Party season”

  1. The tilt was completely intentional.

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