How do you solve a problem like …

I’d like to say “Maria” and make this a schmalzy Sound of Music/Salzburg themed post. But actually, the question on my mind is “how do you solve a problem like a long Christmas Break at your Grandma’s house without wireless internet connection when Ryanair leave your suitcase in Salzburg and can’t deliver it to you until the new year?”

There were a lot of things in that suitcase. All my warm clothes – my Grandma’s house is freezing – and my only warm pair of pyjamas. My two new wooly jumpers. A few nice items in case we get invited to a christmas drinks party (it has been known to happen). My phone charger. My toileteries. Christmas presents – new ones for family – books, bottles, Salzburg tat. And all my knitting. My copy of Barbara Walker’s Treasury of Knitting Patterns. My new golden-yellow Fez wool to be made into ear-warmers. The manly coloured Wendy Skye that was 80% of a scarf for dad (would have been more but the man at baggage drop at Gatwick told me my wooden knitting needles were a ‘dangerous item’ and wouldn’t let me take them on board). The new white merino I bought in Salzburg. Two pairs of DPNs and a cable needle. All gone.

Still, I’m (almost) done being angry now. I’m very lucky that I live in London and could get back across town to pick up some new clothes. I’m also very lucky to live in London where John Lewis is open on Christmas Eve, so it won’t be a knit-free Christmas after all. I’m lucky that I hung on to Berry Brambles so I could take a few photos, and so it snuck into my hand luggage, and I’m very lucky that my beautiful christmas present from lovely boyfriend made it into the hand luggage too. I’m lucky I got to spend a few days in Salzburg with him too. Photos in the new year. Happy Christmas everyone.


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