Every cloud

I am over the moon about Elvira being the featured pattern of the day on DailyKnitter.com! (You can find me on the 26th of December on this list). It resulted in a huge number of hits – over twice my best day so far! I hope it results in some lovely Elvira hats popping into existence. I’d always love to see pics if you’ve made one! 🙂

Anyway, back to the title of this post. Normally I don’t post pictures of things I’m working on that aren’t complete. But I just wanted to post this picture of my newest project (currently codenamed “Wintergreen” but liable to change).

So all my favourite yarn and needles were in my suitcase which somehow went missing between Salzburg and London Stansted. But I decided that to avoid facing Christmas without knitting, I would trek to John Lewis and stock up.

I spent most of Christmas Day furiously swatching (I had planned to make something in a heavier yarn, but for some reason the other yarns I picked didn’t look good in cables – too loosely plied, I think) and eventually I produced the pattern on the wrist for these using 4ply wool – it’s a combination of an aran braid, a single twisted rib stitch and a 2×2 twist. Yesterday I finished the cuff and knit the little fingers and cast on cuff number 2, and knit a fair bit of that on the train on the way home today.

Anyway, I’m a little bit in love with these mittens at the moment, despite all the sewing in of ends! Project page on Ravelry can be found here. They’re a perfect combination of practical and decorative, and I’m really pleased with the fit of the little fingers. My Grandma was impressed too, and she’s a pretty good knitter so that’s a compliment! And if it hadn’t been for Ryanair losing my suitcase, I would never have got the chance to make them. Every cloud …


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