Codename Wintergreen

What can I say, I like the spy-fiction feel to the name, and there’s already a Wintergreen on Ravelry. So here goes: Codename Wintergreen.

What started as a desperate trip to John Lewis to avoid a knit-free Christmas became a swatch, then a cabled cuff, and eventually a pair of fitted fingerless gloves with a slightly silly name. I’m wearing them everywhere at the moment – they’re perfect for this cold-but-not-that-cold weather when you need something to stop draughts getting inside your coat .

They’re made up of an ornate cable cuff with aran braid, twist and twisted rib features, and a stockinette hand with individual cutoff fingers and thumb. Full instructions are given for working the cuff, the increases and the fingers, so they are suitable for an advanced beginner. They’re knit out of a plump, tightly plied sock yarn but I also think they could be knitted at a slightly looser gauge in manly colours with a slightly shortened cuff and make a nice present for the man in your life.

I’ve had great fun making them and I hope you will too. As always, I’d love to see finished objects (either on Ravelry or by emailing and whilst I do the absolute best I can, I design and publish all of this stuff myself so if you spot any errors, let me know ASAP and I’ll try to fix them.

The Ravelry page can be found here.


A couple of points on the design; I made them long cuffed on purpose because I want them to plug the gap at the end of my sleeves. But you could easily shorten by removing a couple of repeats of the pattern.

These are made for my hand, and fit snugly throughout. My wrist is about 6.5 inches at the narrowest point, and about 7 where the cuff starts. My thumb is about 2.5 inches round and the my hand excluding thumb is around 8 inches around. There’s plenty of stretch in the cuff but the final decrease row is quite tight when stretching over my hand. Instructions for avoiding this are given in the pdf.

I’ve put some suggested modifications for bigger or smaller hands below, but please note these are just suggestions and I haven’t tried them out. Also remember if you edit the total stitch count, you’ll need to account for this when working the fingers. Please let me know if you have suggestions for modifications, I’m always happy to hear your ideas.

Smaller wrists: Cast on 57 stitches [19,19,19], and follow the directions for the pattern substituting a p1 for every p2. Then ignore the double decreases in round 1 of section 2, and continue as written. You may wish to reduce the total number of decreases for the hand.

Bigger wrists: Cast on extra purl stitches so the aran braid and twist are further apart, and only work the decreases if you need to. Amend stitch totals when increasing or add extra length to the hand to make up the difference.


15 Responses to “Codename Wintergreen”

  1. OH MY GOSH! I LOVE these! I can’t wait to make them. The fact that you are wearing an airplane shirt completely sells it for me! I ❤ airplanes!! 🙂

  2. Take me to your leader LOL!
    Awesome gloves!

  3. Would it be possible for you to send/forward the pattern to me? I LOVE the pattern!!!

    Thanx in advance.


  4. I would love to knit these gloves for my aged Mom. Her hands are so cold all the time.

  5. Love these partial finger gloves they so beautifully solve the problem with the mitts with no fingers, i.e., slouching down mitts or always having to adjust, also they keep your digits toasty. Thank you so much. I’ll be swatching and making for many donees soon

  6. Thanks for this as I’ve been looking for a pair of fingerless gloves that actually have fingers in them to make for my daughter as it averages around zero degrees Celcius where she lives at the moment.

  7. Still trying to get the pattern for these wintergreen mitts. I’ve tryed to get it several times and no go. Please help!

  8. I have been searching for two needle fingerless gloves for a long time – these are beautiful – thank you so much!!

  9. these are stunning! I would like to make a pair as my hands have been very cold this year. how do I get a copy of your pattern?

  10. Hi,would it be possible to have a copy of the pattern please? I too can only knit with 2 needles, also most fingerless glove patterns have all the thumb in and makes it difficult to pick things up. Cheers, Marilyn in the UK

  11. When I went to print out the pattern, all I got was the section on sizing, then the responses to “Codename Wintergreen”…..How do I get the actual pattern?????? I LOVE the design.

    • Click on “codename wintergreen” after the words, “So here goes:”. It’s the 2nd line of text below the large print words Codename Wintergreen at the very top of the page.

  12. I’m still not seeing how to print the entire pattern…In fact, I don’t see any pattern at all. What am I doing wrong.


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