Inventory, Jan 22

Location – Usual (Mews)

State of mind – Hungover

Job status – Uncertain (applying for new ones)


Gregson’s gloves – 60% done, fit perfectly (he’s tried on one of them).

Scarf in progress – Nowhere near as long as I’d wanted, just haven’t had the time.

Broderie – Still working on the waistband, need to think about shaping really as if I made the size to fit around my bust it will wrap around my waist one and a half times.

Acorns – Still worrying about lack of yarn.

Twenty Ten Cardigan – Wait, what? This wasn’t a thing until yesterday when I got handed a whole bunch of yarn at work by one of the Craft Club. Brilliant. Now it’s a massive thing. Actually, it’s been number two in my queue for months, I just hadn’t figured out where to get hold of the right yarn.

All other projects – Hibernating.


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