Pushing all my buttons

So the scarf in progress is done and is currently blocking (although I keep stepping on it and bending my pins because I took the irrational decision to block it on the floor just inside my door).

Thanks to flu and bed-ridden-ness, I’m in no position to take any photos. I know, my posts are a bit text-heavy and you all tune in for the pretty pictures, but sorry. I’m way too sniffly and gross.

And anyway, my cowl isn’t properly finished. It’s missing buttons at the back (I’ve decided to make it a fasten-able cowl type thing).

So I thought I’d check out Etsy and see about getting some buttons. It’s a special project, I thought it would be worth it.


I am a magpie at heart. At the last count, there are 884 pages of buttons on Etsy. I got to page 50 and I’ve got so many tabs open on my browser I’m worried about crashing my laptop. And there are so many gorgeous ones I don’t know what I’m going to do.

I mean, which ones should I go for? These? Or this? These? How about these? These are gorgeous, what about these? These ones look so tactile. I just want to play with them. These ones are incredible, the colour and detail on these is lovely, and check out these art-deco beauties. I love these as well… check out the detail on these ones, oh but here they are in orange. Check out these – I love the natural style and it would go so well with the leaf motif … or I could glam it up with these… or go for gold with these.

I give up.


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