It has been a little bit too long

A lot has been happening to me recently. But first, some slightly better photos of my most recent design. Check out the buttons! I spent ages in Loop in Islington poring over their button selection. Thanks to the cheap wool I used (and the premium you pay for shopping somewhere as nice as Loop), the buttons account for 75% of the cost of the completed object.

I’m really pleased with the way it came out, even if I don’t look it in any of the photos (hence cropping my face out). I’m busy, and I’m still getting terrible headaches from looking at things on a computer screen (this included) so writing it up is taking longer than planned, but it will happen. When I get a free weekend.

This weekend I went away with my craft club. (Did I ever mention I have a craft club? Well, I do. And it’s ace. We made decorations for our staff party.) Technically it wasn’t a proper craft club outing as some members were absent and it was never intended that way, but we ended up in haberdashery and craft shops. The way I’ve described it makes it sound very genteel but it really wasn’t – we were either shopping for crafts or in a bar.

Drinking aside, I got loads of great ideas for projects, and a whole series of little pots of drawing ink which I am incredibly excited by. I’m thinking of designing cards for friends as well. I’ve also gained a new ambition – dressmaking. Maybe I should ask for a sewing machine for my birthday.

I also found out last week that my job is secure. The whole process has been ticking over since early January, but it feels like forever. It’s hard to be delighted by that because good news for me means bad news for someone else, but I am relieved and I got enormous satisfaction from finally being able to delete all the job adverts that arrive in my inbox every day. This also means that my general stress levels will drop off a bit and I may find more time to write up patterns that are totally overdue.


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