Happy International Women’s Day

In Britain, this coincides with Pancake day.

Pancake day is great.

It came as a surprise to realize pancake day isn’t such a big thing outside Britain, and when I try to imagine what I’d think if I hadn’t grown up with it I see how it seems a little strange. But trust me, it’s brilliant. You can, and should, join in. Pancakes are awesome.

But that’s not the only reason things are good right now.  I’ve had some lovely comments on my latest pattern and due to the traffic it generated, my blog has hit 30,000 hits. Work is going well – I think my boss likes me, and today I left work and got home before it got entirely dark. I have mini daffodils growing on my window ledge. (It’s too dark for photos – image courtesy of Wildgingerfarm.com)

I finished my hat and I love wearing it, despite it looking a bit … rubbish in this photo. (Yes, that’s a tshirt with braces drawn on the front, what of it?)

It’s also mine and the long suffering boyfriend’s approximately three and a half year anniversary around this time. In about six weeks’ time, we’re off to the Inner Hebrides to freeze, get rained on and enjoy Scotland.


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