Glorious things!

A few months back, my housemate created an incredible graphic novella for a competition in the UK. You can find it here in its entirety.

The star of the whole thing (aside from some very impressive pixel based digital art and the story told without any dialogue) was the little robot. Sadly, he didn’t win the competition, but the robot was so popular amongst our friends that people started asking to see more of him. Well, one person got a t-shirt made, and then a whole bunch of people wanted them, and the next thing you know he’s all over the place (at least in my house).

So I come back from holiday, and it turns out the little robot is a fan of knitting!

This was an idea we’d talked about before but I hadn’t realised was being worked on! I’m so excited – you can get this little guy on a fitted women’s t-shirt in a whole range of colours, and even on a tote bag for carrying around your sticks and string. And since my birthday is coming up, I have a feeling little knitting robot may be making an appearance.

For more t-shirt design tomfoolery, you can pop over to


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