I wasn’t going to do any more just-photos blog posts

But I love this one (from my latest batch of processing) too much. A quick snap in the main square in Amsterdam.

My new camera is too cute to be true – it’s a Diana Mini that I got in Berlin. I had been thinking about getting a digital camera for ages but I just wasn’t that excited – and then I saw this and I had to have one.

It takes a while to get the photos back because fiddling about with actual films and processing times takes a while. But I do think it’s worth it.

It does, however, leave me  little concerned for something.

I might be turning into a hipster.

And I have to be specific here – I mean a London hipster. Even an East London hipster. (While doing some internet research looking for a pithy website to hyperlink the word hipster to, all I could find were vaguely positive American websites. In London, I’m not convinced hipster is a word I would use as a compliment.)

So, hipster check;

1) Glasses: check (though I lose points because they’re not enormous and I actually have a prescription).

2) Lomo camera: check

3) Job with an NGO: half points (it would be better if I worked in media, somehow. But I do work in a super trendy bit of London now.)

4) Obscure bicycle: check (it’s no fixie bike but it’s definitely retro, being older than I am).

Argh … truth is, I’m quite a long way up the scale.



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