Constanze: Now with charts!

One of the most common things I get asked is if there’s any chance I can create a chart for Constanze. I have always struggled a bit with this because I could only find chart making software where you had to click each square to make a stitch and Constanze is  70 stitches wide and contains some really odd little stitches and ugh … too much room for error.

So today I was really excited to find something that made this a lot easier! Thanks go to the incredible makers of Chartgen for creating a tool that turns written instructions (with a bit of formatting) into a chart!

Here’s a newly updated version of Constanze with charts, and if you have an existing version of Constanze and just want the chart, you can find it here. But please read the notes below before starting the chart. Constanze charted up well but with a few subtleties that need explaining!

Happy knitting!

Notes on the chart

1) This chart has not been test knit – please contact me if you spot an error. It is based on the written instructions for Constanze so if you are ever confused, refer to the text instructions above.

2) The right side rows (odd numbers) are knit right to left – the wrong side rows (evens) are knit left to right. The seven rows of garter stitch to start off with are not charted (see section ‘starting out’ above), but the garter stitch border is.

3) All stitches are shown exactly as you should work them – ie if something says “purl” on a wrong side row, you purl it.

4) Constanze has four ‘weird’ cables but Chartgen only allows me to create three ‘special’ stitches. The big 6-stitch crossovers (6RC, 6LC) are explained properly in the chart key. However, I had to use one symbol for both 3RC and 3LC. You’ll see these appear on rows 5 and 9, and they are right next to each other both times:

3LC = [slip 2 stitches and hold in front, p1, k2 stitches from cable needle].

3RC = [slip 1 stitch and hold in back, k2, p1 from cable needle]

On row 5, when you come to this, work 3LC then 3RC. On row 9, when you come to this bit, work 3RC then 3LC. Row 9 is basically reversing the cabling in row 5 in this case. If in any doubt, check the written instructions for those rows in the original Constanze pattern.

5) The chart instructs you to perform a 4RC on row 7 – if you compare this to the written notes, you’ll see that I actually alternated between 4RC and 4LC on every other pattern repeat. This is optional and I didn’t chart it because it was going to make life too complicated!


One Comment to “Constanze: Now with charts!”

  1. I knitting a scarf for my mother for Christmas using this pattern. It was quick and easy to knit. I haven’t done much work in lace, but this has me itching (no wooly pun intended) for more.

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