August 13, 2011

I wasn’t going to do any more just-photos blog posts

But I love this one (from my latest batch of processing) too much. A quick snap in the main square in Amsterdam.

My new camera is too cute to be true – it’s a Diana Mini that I got in Berlin. I had been thinking about getting a digital camera for ages but I just wasn’t that excited – and then I saw this and I had to have one.

It takes a while to get the photos back because fiddling about with actual films and processing times takes a while. But I do think it’s worth it.

It does, however, leave me  little concerned for something.

I might be turning into a hipster.

And I have to be specific here – I mean a London hipster. Even an East London hipster. (While doing some internet research looking for a pithy website to hyperlink the word hipster to, all I could find were vaguely positive American websites. In London, I’m not convinced hipster is a word I would use as a compliment.)

So, hipster check;

1) Glasses: check (though I lose points because they’re not enormous and I actually have a prescription).

2) Lomo camera: check

3) Job with an NGO: half points (it would be better if I worked in media, somehow. But I do work in a super trendy bit of London now.)

4) Obscure bicycle: check (it’s no fixie bike but it’s definitely retro, being older than I am).

Argh … truth is, I’m quite a long way up the scale.


August 2, 2011

Amsterdam in redscale film

July 27, 2011

Holidays phase 1: Berlin (and a new camera)

July 12, 2011

New friends

Sometimes my blog stats make me laugh:

(You’ll notice I’ve removed the scale on the graph – hey, a lady has to have some discretion.)

I was just thinking how bad I’d been at blogging and how my stats were basically the same day after day because I wasn’t generating enough interesting content to keep people coming back and then suddenly, out of nowhere, my Codename Wintergreen mittens are featured on and I’ve got ten times my usual traffic!

Anyway, this is just to say hey! if you’ve come from, why not check out my other patterns – they are all free too – and I’ll be blogging a bit more come the Autumn*.

*Why aren’t I blogging now? Good question. I’m just back from holiday, and I’m about to go away again. (This is either really bad or really good scheduling, depending on how you look at it). I’m mostly knitting secret things I can’t blog about. And I just applied for and got a new job, which took up most of my spare time for quite a while!

June 19, 2011

First world problems

I’m having a couple of real first-world problems today.

  • I’ve started a lovely pattern – Christina Wall’s Ginger Leaves Shawlette – which has been in my queue for months but kept getting usurped by other things. But I’ve started it in a really tightly plied merino, and I know from experience that no matter how hard you block merino, sometimes it doesn’t want to play along. I think the tightly plied yarn isn’t going to look great in the pattern – I think a single ply would be smoother – and although I’m using lovely Cherry Tree Hill green yarn, I already have one green shawl. (See what I mean about first world problems?)
  • I’m also using a slightly larger needle than the pattern calls for and now I’m worried the yarn overs are going to gape and the texture of the lace is going to be poor.
  • I really don’t like knitting from charts. There, I said it. Knitting heresy. But I don’t like them and I don’t think I ever will. It just adds an extra layer of complexity. If I see “k2, sk2p, yo, k1”, I know exactly what to do – the command just enters my brain and is processed – but if I see a chart, I first have to convert each symbol into a command and then process it and all of a sudden I’m lost and I don’t like it.
  • I don’t know where to go on holiday this year – I’m stuck between Cyprus and Slovenia. Julian Alps vs. Mediterranean beaches. Like a true Brit, I want to go somewhere hot, but not too hot.
  • Every time my long suffering boyfriend tries to talk to me about whether we should go to Cyprus or Slovenia, I lose where I am in the chart and get grumpy.

Life is so tough right now.

June 5, 2011

New books, presents and a sneak preview

I’ve had a few blogs in my life. I can’t remember what most of them were about – I seemed to just complain about life in general. Occasionally I dig one of them out and either have a bit of a laugh (aged 21, I was quite funny!) or cringe (aged 17, I was not).

However, none of them have been as seasonal as this knitting blog. Knitting is not necessarily a winter occupation, but I just can’t get into knitting with cotton. So I need, if not cold weather, at least the anticipation of cold weather.

I don’t know if you have been following the weather here in London but we had the hottest April in decades and try as I might, I just could not pick up my needles. May came and went – and with it my birthday – and knit I could not.

But two things changed. The weather, sadly, has taken a turn for the worse and reminded me that actually, it’s not all that long until the date by which I’ve told myself I’d have turned out a collection of patterns. The other was that I came into a couple of books:

Best in Show is on a semi-permanent loan from a friend at craft club, who crochets like a demon but doesn’t know how to knit. It was a gift to her, and until she learns how to knit sufficiently well to do short rows, I think I’m hanging on to it as long as I keep her regularly supplied with knitted dogs. I think that’s a good deal.

Knitted edgings and trims was a birthday present from a very dear friend and fellow crafter, if not knitter. It was such a great present and full of inspiration (more on that later!). For her birthday, I got her a book of craft projects from Jane Austen’s era. But that lovely book of lace stitches wasn’t all!

Click the link below to see my other birthday present (hand crafted) and a sneak peek of a forthcoming design…

I just learned how to do this! Click this link for more…

May 19, 2011

New Favourite Blog

Too good –

May 15, 2011

A project and a cloud

I haven’t blogged in a while, and it’s been even longer since I last released a pattern.

I’m not giving up – I’m just thinking long term! I’m aiming for something quite exciting – my first collection of patterns, due in the Autumn. Fittingly, they are all going to be winter warmers – mittens, gloves, accessories – and I’ve got some really exciting ideas that I can’t wait to see realised.

In the mean time, here’s a picture of a very rare and exciting cloud I saw on holiday. (It’s the one on the top left – with what I think is a Kelvin Helmholtz wave developing).

May 2, 2011

Glorious things!

A few months back, my housemate created an incredible graphic novella for a competition in the UK. You can find it here in its entirety.

The star of the whole thing (aside from some very impressive pixel based digital art and the story told without any dialogue) was the little robot. Sadly, he didn’t win the competition, but the robot was so popular amongst our friends that people started asking to see more of him. Well, one person got a t-shirt made, and then a whole bunch of people wanted them, and the next thing you know he’s all over the place (at least in my house).

So I come back from holiday, and it turns out the little robot is a fan of knitting!

This was an idea we’d talked about before but I hadn’t realised was being worked on! I’m so excited – you can get this little guy on a fitted women’s t-shirt in a whole range of colours, and even on a tote bag for carrying around your sticks and string. And since my birthday is coming up, I have a feeling little knitting robot may be making an appearance.

For more t-shirt design tomfoolery, you can pop over to

April 15, 2011

Knitting Robot Returns

Remember that cute little knitting robot my housemate drew for me?

He got his own tshirt! Courtesy of Lobster and Cheese.